Strategic Culture:

Focus on the cause of sheet metal, build core capabilities; strengthen the sense of crisis, the implementation of a century entrepreneurship.

Talent culture:

Build growth platform, strengthen learning and training; implementation of high-end plans, the achievements of staff value.

Management culture:

To demand-oriented, a win-win situation for the purpose of quality as the core, as a means of service.

Competitive Culture:

Advocacy of macro-alliance, adhere to collaborative competition; in the development of competition, win-win cooperation.

Product culture:

Quality to obtain trust, to enhance the value of the brand; innovation to create differences in order to win the cost of competition.

Marketing culture:

80% of the camp, 20% is sold; to create a cultural concept, the first to win support among the people, that is, marketing everything. Marketing not only in-depth, but also to / God / into.