Liu Jiayi, Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, visited Guanzhou for investigation



Liu Jiayi researched in Liaocheng and taught party lessons for party members and cadres

Firmly practice the people-centered development philosophy

Continue to create new situations in various work


From May 29th to 30th, Liu Jiayi, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, came to Liaocheng City to conduct research in communities, enterprises, parks, grass-roots units, cultural relics protection units, memorial halls, etc. and lectured party members and cadres.


Liu Jiayi came to the site of the Ministry of Household Taxation Branch of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Linqing to learn more about the protection of the site and the inheritance of canal culture. He emphasized the need to properly handle the relationship between urban and rural construction and the protection of historical and cultural heritage, make overall planning, construction, development and management. Cultural relics research work. Came to Jijin Community, Qingnian Road Street, Linqing City, inspected the convenience service center, the National People's Congress representative studio, etc., and urged the community staff to always keep the people's affairs in mind, do a good job with heart and emotion, and solve the people's "urgent difficulties". Sorrow" question. In Linqing City People's Court, listened to reports on the education and rectification of political and legal teams and the study and education of party history, stressed the need to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's thought on the rule of law, keep in mind the purpose of justice for the people, carry out in-depth investigation and rectification, resolutely rectify stubborn diseases, and promote politics and law. Team education and rectification continued to achieve new results.


During the investigation, Liu Jiayi came to Shandong Yujie Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Linqing Zhizao Town Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Shandong Guanzhou Co., Ltd., and Guanxian Mei'an Composite Materials Co., Ltd. to understand the development of the company and emphasized It is necessary to seize market opportunities, deepen the integration of production, education and research, take the road of industrialization, agglomeration, and high-end development, and promote high-quality development. In Linqing Qingyuan Zhengben Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. and Guanxian Lingzhi Cultural Industrial Park, we observed the cultivation of characteristic agriculture and the deep processing of traditional Chinese medicinal materials. We hope that the company will strengthen deep processing, extend the industrial chain, and allow traditional Chinese medicine to inherit and develop through innovation. In the Emerging Industrial Park of Guanxian Economic Development Zone, Liu Jiayi listened carefully to the report on the reform of the system and mechanism of the development zone, and emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the reform direction of the development zone, continue to optimize the allocation of functions, and provide high-quality services for the development of enterprises.


Liu Jiayi emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the sense of purpose, adhere to the correct concept of political achievements, stick to the original intention, practice the mission, and take the interests of the masses as the starting point and end point of all work, so that the people have more and more real sense of gain, happiness, and security. We must have a deep understanding of what the masses are thinking and looking forward to, take the affairs of the masses as a big thing, solve practical problems that concern the vital interests of the masses with heart and soul, and constantly improve and improve the long-term mechanism for solving problems. We must focus on the changes in the main social contradictions, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, serve and integrate into the new development pattern, adhere to the green and low-carbon concept, implement the "three determinations", and implement safe development throughout, so as to better meet the people's expectations for development. the needs of a better life. We must fully respect the will of the masses, conform to the expectations of the masses, compare our hearts to our hearts, think in an empathy, insist on seeking truth from facts, and do a good job in various tasks according to local conditions, so as to truly win the trust and support of the masses. We must stand firm on the position of the masses, adhere to the mass line, unblock the communication channels of the masses, sit on the same bench with the masses, listen to their opinions and demands face-to-face, effectively change the work style, resolutely correct the problems that violate the interests of the masses, and promote the study and education of the party history to go deeper and more practical. .

Liu Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary-General, and comrades in charge of Liaocheng City and relevant provincial departments accompanied the investigation.