The company launched the "Total Quality Management Practical Training" training activity



In order to comprehensively improve the quality management awareness, professional knowledge and skills of the company's grass-roots management personnel, strengthen the product management and standardization capabilities of each business department, and improve the stability of product quality. From June 28th to 29th, 2016, the company specially invited Mr. An Min, a well-known production management expert from Jucheng Training Company, to successfully hold a 2-day "Total Quality Management" in the conference room on the 12th floor of the office building. Practical Training" training activities.
The main contents of this training include: the concept and definition of total quality management, the elements and connotation of total quality management system, nine principles and methods of on-site inspection, the working methods and procedures of quality improvement team, and seven methods of total quality management The training content is practical and practical, and has a high degree of integration with the company's current quality management.
In order to improve the training effect, improve the participation and enthusiasm of employees in learning, and enhance the practical ability of training personnel. This training method started the actual combat group PK mode, which divided the company's participants into 18 groups, each group was a temporary organization, the captain was selected, the team name and slogan were established, and the learning process competition and slogan between the groups were carried out. confrontation. On the basis of the teacher's training and presentation, a large number of interactive and practical links have been added, so that the participants can conduct group exercises according to the knowledge and skills they have learned after understanding the training content, which not only greatly improves the enthusiasm and initiative of the trainees, but also makes the participants more active. Exercise the hands-on ability of the trainees and improve the training effect.
Through this training, the awareness of total quality management of managers at all levels of the company has been strengthened, the trainees have mastered the concepts, methods and tools of total quality management, and the professional qualities and abilities of the trainees have been exercised and improved. More importantly, this total quality management training activity just meets the needs of the company's quality strategy management. While improving the professional quality and ability of grassroots managers, it also lays a solid foundation for improving the stability of product quality and promoting the implementation of the company's brand strategy.