The First Sixth Council of the Yangtze River Delta Coated Metal Sheet Industry Association was held





On April 24, the first sixth council meeting of the Yangtze River Delta Coated Metal Sheet Industry Association was successfully held at the International Conference Center of Tianmu Hot Spring Resort in Guanxian County, Shandong Province. This meeting reviewed and summarized the current situation of domestic and foreign steel markets in March and April this year, and made a specific analysis of the steel market in May. The conference was co-hosted by the company and China Steel Online, and nearly 30 member companies including Zhejiang Huadong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xiehe Thin Steel Technology Co., Ltd., and China Business Network attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Shen Weigen, president of the association and general manager of East China Light Steel.
The meeting kicked off in a grand atmosphere. First, Mr. Shen Weigen, President of the Yangtze River Delta Coated Metal Sheet Industry Association, explained the topic of the meeting: that is, taking the development of Shandong Guanzhou Co., Ltd. as an opportunity to discuss the strategic transformation and upgrading of enterprises; current market conditions and future price trends and Discuss the current price guide. Subsequently, Zhang Zhao, general manager of the company, and Ms. Wang Yan, president of China Iron and Steel Online delivered welcome speeches respectively. Mr. Zhang expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the delegates who came to the meeting. At the same time, he introduced the development history, future development plan and product positioning of Guanzhou Co., Ltd. in recent years.
Chairman Shen Weigen expressed his views on the feeling after visiting the Guanzhou production workshop and the strategic transformation of the company. He believes that the successful practices adopted by Guanzhou Co., Ltd. in terms of cost reduction and efficiency improvement and low-carbon environmental protection, such as the waste acid recycling and environmental protection project, the packaging saving of color-coated coils, the self-built power plant and the natural gas project, are worth learning and promoting. Shen Weigen said that the strategic transformation of enterprises should first grasp the context of the times, and under the premise of conforming to the national steel industry development policy, strive to develop low carbon, so that enterprises can extend and expand to the upstream and downstream of the industry. At the same time, we should pay attention to the introduction and innovation of high-tech projects, and improve the level of independent research and development of enterprises.
In the analysis of the market outlook, Ms. Wang Yan put forward her own views, believing that the market in May has limited acceptance in the downstream, and in the early stage, in the case of artificial factors, the market will have a certain consolidation in the short term. In this process, the macro policy Adjustments, etc. cannot be ignored. However, under the support of good export situation and cost factors, the long-term market is optimistic. Subsequently, representatives from five institutions including China Iron and Steel Online, China Business Network, China United Steel Network, My Steel Network, and Nanhua Futures expressed their views on the market in May. Subsequently, the representatives of the participating entities also talked about their own views. Everyone agreed that the coating market in May will generally show a high and volatile trend.
In the end, Chairman Shen Weigen made a concluding speech: The sales guide price of the 0.3 specification rolling and galvanizing of the Yangtze River Delta Coating Association in May was set at 5550 yuan/ton and 6250 yuan/ton respectively. The next regular meeting of the association will be held in Jiangsu on May 28, hosted by Jiangsu Dajiang. The meeting ended with warm applause.
After the meeting, the representatives of the participating companies, accompanied by President Zhang, observed the production workshops of the company's coating division and the construction site of the Dingxin project. The success of this meeting has greatly enhanced the company's influence in the industry, and laid a solid foundation for the company to achieve leapfrog development in the next stage.