Ren Qingying, Chairman of the Structural Design Branch of China Survey and Design Association, and his party visited the company

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On October 15, 2019, Ren Qingying, President of Structural Design Branch of China Survey and Design Association, National Engineering Survey and Design Master, Chief Engineer of China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd., Miao Qi, Dean of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd. Complex Structure Research Institute Song, Chief Engineer of Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. Liu Yansheng, Chief Engineer of China Construction Design Group Co., Ltd. Direct Headquarters Xing Min, Chief Engineer of China Aviation Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. Jin Laijian, China Survey and Design Association Structural Design Wang Bin, deputy secretary general of the branch and executive editor of "Building Structure" magazine, and Qin Geng, director of the business department of "Building Structure" magazine, went to Guanzhou for investigation. Zhang Zhao, Chairman of Guanzhou, accompanied the event.




Chairman Ren Qingying and his party went to Guanzhou for investigation

Chairman Ren Qingying and his entourage first visited the production workshop, sample display area, coating R&D center and energy management and control center of Guanzhou, and learned about the production, research and development and marketing of Guanzhou products in detail. Afterwards, the two sides held a discussion in the conference room.

At the symposium, on behalf of Guanzhou, Chairman Zhang Zhao welcomed Chairman Ren Qingying and all the experts, thanked the guests for their long-term care and support for Guanzhou, and briefly introduced the company's basic situation. He said that Guanzhou is willing to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the association and various experts, further share the experience summed up by Guanzhou in serving the steel structure construction industry, and humbly accept the opinions and suggestions of the experts on the development of Guanzhou, so as to jointly contribute to the development of the steel structure construction industry. Actively contribute to healthy development.

Chairman Ren Qingying expressed his appreciation for the development vigor and achievements that Guanzhou has shown in recent years by focusing on the high-quality sheet metal industry, constantly updating concepts, pioneering and innovating. He hopes that Guanzhou will give full play to its advantages in the research and development and application of coated laminates in the future, further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with associations and major design units, and make more extensive appearances at structural and architectural design industry conferences and related forums. The development of the supporting integration of coating products with structure and architectural design actively promotes the healthy development of the structural design industry. The experts who attended the meeting spoke successively about the overall development of Guanzhou, especially how the advanced coating technology of Guanzhou can be effectively integrated with the anti-corrosion of prefabricated structures, the optimization and improvement of the combination of production, education and research, the extreme environmental testing of Guanzhou products and the actual construction of the building structure. Working conditions combined with practice, and how to improve market competitiveness through high-end centralized procurement channels have put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions.

Guanzhou General Manager Song, Brand Director Ding Jianping, Office Director Zhang Yaolong, Deputy Director of the Manufacturing Department Guo Zhensheng, and Deputy Director of the Marketing Department Li Huacheng attended the event.