President Li Haiwang of Shanxi Steel Structure Association and his party went to Guanzhou for investigation

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On April 21, Li Haiwang, the president of Shanxi Steel Structure Association, led more than 40 people from the member units of the association and some entrepreneurs of the steel structure industry in Shanxi Province to visit Guanzhou. Shi Yanqing, Secretary General of Shanxi Steel Structure Association, Wen Shaomin, Supervisor, Zhang Xin, Deputy Secretary General, Jin Shule, Chairman of Shanxi Jinxinnuo Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd., a strategic partner of Guanzhou Shanxi Region, and Li Yunyun, General Manager, participated in the investigation. Chairman Zhang Zhao of Guanzhou and President Song accompanied the event.




Symposium scene

After arriving at Guanzhou, Chairman Li Haiwang and his entourage visited the Guanzhou fine plate production plant on the spot. Everywhere he went, President Li Haiwang and his party listened carefully to and inquired about the relevant situation, and had an in-depth and detailed understanding of Guanzhou's production management, quality control, process technology and product research and development. Afterwards, the two sides held a symposium in the conference room, and President Song presided over the meeting.

At the symposium, Chairman Zhang Zhao delivered a speech on behalf of Guanzhou. He said that Guanzhou, as the executive director unit of Shanxi Steel Structure Association and the strategic partner of Shanxi Jinxinnuo Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd., attaches great importance to the development and service of the Shanxi market. Through the matchmaking of Jinxinnuo, Guanzhou will continue to focus on customers and create a brand with quality as the principle under the leadership of the Association and the support of the platform, adhere to the implementation of the business philosophy, practice the service tenet, and strive to achieve high-quality development of the enterprise. Provide our customers with better products and services, and continue to create higher value.

President Li Haiwang delivered a speech on behalf of the association, fully affirmed and highly praised Guanzhou's internal management, corporate team, and its philosophy and actions that it has insisted on making fine and excellent coated sheet products over the years and leading the healthy development of the industry. He said that Guanzhou, as an excellent representative of the domestic coated sheet industry, has made great contributions to the development of the steel structure industry, especially in the technical research and development concept of color coated sheet products, leading the overall development of the industry. He hopes that Guanzhou will continue to strengthen technology research and development and market promotion, and launch more cost-effective products that are closer to the market, more in line with environmental characteristics, and more differentiated for Shanxi; Steel structure building envelope design standards; increase support for association members, provide better business policies and technical services, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Chairman Jin Shule then delivered a speech. He said that since the establishment of the strategic partnership between Jinxinnuo and Guanzhou in 2018, remarkable achievements have been made in market development, large-scale project application and brand promotion. He said that Jinxinnuo is willing to be a reliable partner of Guanzhou in Shanxi to further increase business cooperation, increase market share, and promote high-quality products that are more suitable for the environment and industry in Shanxi, in order to promote the healthy development of the steel structure industry in Shanxi. And make unremitting efforts to jointly add luster to China Steel.

Wang Xinmin, Minister of Enterprise Management of Guanzhou, shared the management system and brand culture construction of Guanzhou to the guests. Ding Jianping, Minister of Guanzhou Coating R&D Department, made a report on the theme of Guanzhou technology research and development. From the professional perspectives of core technology, production process, market positioning and performance testing of color-coated plates, he introduced the core advantages of Guanzhou color-coated plates in the industry. As well as the concept and principle of "the life of the color-coated board is synchronized with the life of the main body of the steel structure" supported by the high chemical corrosion resistance technology of Guanzhou nano-coating, through the detailed experimental data and engineering application examples, the Guanzhou color-coated board The superior performance brought by the use of targeted solutions in different environments.

Afterwards, the participating leaders and entrepreneurs discussed the development of Guanzhou, especially the marketing and technical services of Guanzhou in Shanxi, and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions.

In the end, Shi Yanqing, secretary general of the association, made a summary of the survey. He said that Guanzhou, as the executive director unit of the association, must make good use of the association platform to promote enterprise development, insist on quality for survival, management for development, and work together with the association. The high-quality development of Shanxi and the national steel structure industry will make greater contributions to the prosperity of the steel structure industry.

After the meeting, all the participants took a group photo at Guanzhou Plaza.