Guangzhou Fourth Resources Thermal Power Plant




Year: 2018
Project Category: Steel Plant Power Plant
Project Location: Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
Product: Fluorocarbon PVDF Color Coated Sheet
Usable area: 30,000 square meters

Project introduction:

The design of the project adheres to the design concept of "green factory area, landscape and cultural garden", and adopts the traditional Lingnan garden landscape as the basis for the design to create a spatial pattern of the front courtyard and backyard. It is committed to providing the public with a full range of environmental protection integration experience and popular science education, and creating a green circular economy system that is organically integrated with the natural ecology.

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The project is a waste incineration power generation project. Waste incineration power plant is an emerging industry in China in recent years. It is superior to traditional power production in terms of long-term benefits and comprehensive indicators, and has a broad market prospect. However, due to environmental protection, geographical location and other factors, the project plant construction has very strict requirements on color-coated boards, and ordinary color-coated boards cannot be applied. In response to the construction needs of the project, Guanzhou provided targeted solutions for color-coated panels for the thermal power industry and offshore engineering, and finally stood out from many brands and won the favor of the owner and the design institute. The wall and roof of the project workshop were made of Guanzhou fluorine Carbon color coated sheet with excellent chemical resistance and fade resistance.

Guanzhou fluorocarbon color-coated board is a metal baking varnish coated board made of fluorocarbon coating of PVDF fluorocarbon resin and then baked at high temperature. PVDF fluorocarbon coating is recognized as the organic coating with the best protective effect, which can ensure that metal building panels will not be damaged for decades and will always maintain a beautiful color. PVDF is polyvinylidene fluoride. The maximum electronegativity of the fluorine atom forms a very stable fluorocarbon bond, coupled with its unique molecular equivalence, PVDF has extraordinary stability, unique anti-ultraviolet photolysis performance and Excellent insulating and mechanical properties with excellent durability and excellent processability.